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F1 Confirms intentions to fill available calendar slot with Portugal

Portimao Race-start in 2020. Credit: Tiametmarduk (Twitter)

Now the last available “TBC” slot on the race calendar for the 2021 Formula 1 season has also been filled.

Portimao in Portugal will take the last available slot, making it the second consecutive race on the calendar after 2020. This means that the 23-race F1-calendar is now fully occupied.

The 2020 race was one of the most exciting and best races of last year. Carlos Sainz surprisingly led the first stage of the race, but then Lewis Hamilton showed once again that he can drive his Mercedes well and won his 92nd race there. Now the Formula 1 commission is meeting to discuss further steps. It can be concluded that it is the best decision that Portimao will take the place as the 3rd race of the year.

The Commission also further announced:

“Robust COVID-19 protocols enabled Formula 1 to run 17 events in 2020 and will enable us to run a World Championship again in 2021. While changing circumstances may require flexibility, the FIA and Formula 1 are working at all levels from government to local organisation to ensure that the calendar goes ahead as planned.”

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