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Formula E, FIA to impose monetary penalty on quitting manufacturers

Sergio Sette Camara (BRA) Dragon Penske Autosport, Penske EV-4, pushed into the garage. Credits: Formula E

Formula E and the FIA have implemented monetary penalties to manufacturers withdrawing the series during the Gen3 era.

The new rules will run between the 2022 and 2026 seasons which will include big changes to the technical side of the sport.

If a manufacturer leaves the sport, it will have to pay the remaining entry fees of €300,000 up until 2026, even if they leave on the first year the rule becomes active.

“In the event a Manufacturer withdraws from the Championship prior to the end of the Cycle, the Manufacturer’s sole liability and the FIA’s exclusive remedy for such withdrawal shall be the payment of the World Championship registration and homologation fee for the Season from which the Manufacturer has withdrawn until the end of the Cycle, to be paid in one instalment within 60 days from the effective date of the withdrawal,” Article 7.4 reads.

“The Manufacturer shall be solely responsible for any consequences towards the Competitors it is supplying,” it continues.

This rule change comes as both Audi and BMW announced they would leave Formula E at the end of the 2020/21 season.

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