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Chase Elliott: “We’re very capable of winning everywhere”

Credits: Getty Images

Reigning NASCAR Champion Chase Elliott talked about his team performance and on what areas they need to improve.

The driver gave a press conference to the media and was asked how he feels going into the road courses and if he’ll change his approach.

“It’s been good for the past few trips, but it doesn’t mean is going to go good the next time,” Elliott said. “That narrative can change very quickly and it’s just part of what we do. So, no, I don’t have a different approach.”

“At the end of the day, I think you have to be good everywhere. And I want to be good everywhere. [And] we are very capable of doing that.

Elliott was also asked where his team needed to focus more on. He said they need to be capable of having a shot for the win at every racetrack, and that that’s his focus going into this season.

“Eliminating bad tracks. We have places that I’m not great at, courses were we haven’t been great as a team, so yeah, just clean that up.

“I think there’s a really small group of guys that can win literally every week. And I think I just want our team to be a part of that as well. Our team is very capable of doing that.

“That’s really where my head is at. If you can get to that group and have a chance to win every single week, I think the rest will fall into place,” he concluded.

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