Formula 1’s new idea of adding sprint races in 2021 will be put on a voting this Thursday.

Liberty Media would like to add three sprint races to the 2021 calendar, in Monza, Canada, and Brazil respectively. This new plan would be tested in 2021 to see whether these type of races should be used more widely in the future.

If this decision will be accepted, the qualifying session will take place one day earlier, on Friday. The results of this session would decide the starting grid order for the sprint race on Saturday. Finally, the final standings of the sprint race would determine the order in which the drivers will start the regular race on Sunday.

Of course, the sprint race, as the name says, would be much shorter than the normal one. This would be done in order to fit into the one-hour time window usually made for qualifying.

Further details for this new idea,  including whether sprint races should award championship points and what rules concerning tyre strategy could be applied, are yet to be given and will be considered on Thursday.

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