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Ford “would love to repeat” or improve 2020 Cup Series results

Brad Keselowski wins at Richmond in 2020. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

The 2020 Cup Series manufacturer champions want to have another strong season in 2021.

Ford cars had an incredible run in the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season as the Mustangs got to the victory lane 18 times that season, which meant that every second race was won by those cars. Mark Rushbrook, Global Director of Ford Performance Motorsports, told that they would be happy to do that again.

“We go with it every race, expecting a win, hoping to win”, Rushbrook said. It’s a very competitive sport and that’s the attitude that you have to have going to the track and, certainly, our teams have that attitude and our drivers have that attitude. 

“It’s tough competition out there. I know that we’ve made a lot of improvements in the offseason, but I’m sure that the Chevrolet teams and the Toyota teams have as well, so that will be interesting to see what we have and what our competitors have for the season and see, whether 18 [wins] is realistic or not, but, certainly, that [2020] was a great season for us and we would love to repeat it or better it”, Rushbrook added.

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