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Jamie Reigle thinks that the departure of Audi and BMW makes FE more interesting for new entries

Credits: Formula E

BMW and Audi’s exit from Formula E makes it attractive for other major carmakers to enter the world’s largest electric racing series.

That’s the statement from Jamie Reigle, Formula E’s chief executive.

After the exit of the two German carmakers in December 2020, only Nissan, DS, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, and Mahindra remained as car companies. NIO 333 and Dragon remain as the builders with their own drivetrain.

The exit of the two giants in Formula E makes it very attractive for other manufacturers to enter this racing series. Earlier this month, McLaren Racing, a major carmaker, made its entry into Formula E perfect. Now the newly founded “Alpine Racing Team”, which emerged from the old Renault racing team, is following suit. The announcement that they would be competing in Formula 1 in 2021 was also followed by their entry into Formula E with car manufacturer Lotus as their partner.

Jamie Reigle said:

“We’ve been having conversations with other manufacturers who say ‘hey, historically we might have faced a challenge coming into Formula E because of the level of investment required on the powertrain, the level of competition on the grid, the ability to cut through with the number of manufacturers already there’.

“Actually, the combination of there being a couple of slots and a little more of an assured voice available, and us — FE Operations, the FIA and the teams — being really serious about the cost cap and trying to put that in place, it changes the investment profile. I feel pretty good.”

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