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Formula E wants to have 15 races in Season 7

Credits: Formula E

The series officials aim at having the biggest amount races in a season so far.

Formula E presented the second set of races for the upcoming season yesterday. 8 events have already been confirmed by the championship representatives, though the list is far from being completed. The Formula E co-founder Alberto Longo has told about the plans for the remainder of the calendar.

“We have a very aggressive, optimistic target to do 15 races during this season. This is the season when we will be delivering more races in our history. That while the pandemic is on is a very challenging thing, you can imagine”, Longo says.

Longo also knows that it is difficult to predict the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic and reassures that they have back-up plans.

More than that, the co-founder of Formula E believes that the fans will be able to attend the races in Season 7: “The races that are on the calendar are because we are confident on having public. This is a key factor and key decision element for us. Obviously, we don’t have the confirmation of hosting the public in any of these events until it gets very close to the date. But in principle, they have all agreed that with all the COVID measures we will put in place, they will love us to have the public.”

The 2020/2021 Formula E season will start with the doubleheader in Diriyah on February 26th and 27th.

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